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Bodkin/ Rope Threader/ Elastic Threader
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Stainless Steel Bodkin

2 options available: 

- pincher bodkin 

- ballpoint bodkin 


Pincher Bodkin 

This tool is used to thread elastic through small channels like waistbands when sewing. 

Simply place the elastic ribbon between the pincher teeth, and slide the washer towards the teeth to tighten them, and to keep the elastic firmly in place. 

Then, thread the bodkin through the channel. This bodkin makes threading elastic easy and ensures your elastic isn't twisting and turning inside your waistband as you pull it through. 


Ballpoint Bodkin

Specially designed to make your craft work easily and quickly. Easy to use, suitable for all kinds of household multifunctional sewing crafts. 

Easily and quickly grip the elastic ribbon, drawstrings and cording, etc. 

Durable for long lasting use. 

Pull the elastic ribbon through the hole, and pull it to the middle of the bodkin to tighten the elastic ribbon. 

Then, thread the bodkin through the channel.